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August 25, 2020

Fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) aim to address both market risks and behavioral traps in an innovative way. But what are the characteristics of FIAs?

Download this Barclays whitepaper to learn more on:

  • FIAs and the need for financial innovation

  • Market risks and mental traps investors fall into

  • How FIAs stack up against alternatives

  • The historical simulation on FIAs and their characteristics

Providing Insurance as a Fiduciary

Although RIAs understand the importance of insurance in a holistic financial plan, they are often unsure how to incorporate insurance into their fiduciary model.   

Portfolio v.


Even when clients know what they want, it’s still pertinent to counsel them on the bigger picture. It deepens the conversation, increases trust and confidence, and makes it hard for them to go anywhere else.

The Future of Financial Services

 A usual laggard to innovation, financial services is drastically evolving. Looking back a year, every advisor can construct a quick list of available advancements that alter the way financial advisors and retail consumers conduct business.


Starting the LTC


Maybe you believe they don’t want to hear it, or perhaps you’re reserved in conveying the need. But the fact is, 75% of people 65 and older will need LTC services in their lifetimes.



The word “annuity” used to be taboo when said around financial advisors, and if your client were to Google the term, they’d find all kinds of information about how bad annuities are.

5 Features of a Life Insurance Policy

Whether your client already owns a permanent life insurance policy or they’re considering purchasing one, sometimes the complexity can be overwhelming.


Stop Looking At Insurance Planning As A Necessity And Look At It As An Opportunity. 


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