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Our Approach

Each RIA practice is different, and many transition business models over time. Most insurance partners have a rigid approach that only fits some RIAs. Our flexible model allows us to work with your firm, even if you re-adjust your process multiple times. Our first step is to get to know you, your firm model, and your operations and technology platforms. From there, we’ll customize our relationship and design the best way to work together to offer insurance to your clients.



Insurance Support with RIA Expertise

Your firm has the people, licenses, and resources needed to implement insurance solutions. You need a partner that understands RIAs and aligns with your principles of transparency, independence, and customer focus to identify and implement the best solutions for your clients. We make insurance easy by providing top-tier research, product access, case design, and integrate it all into your platform.



Outsourced Insurance Desk (OID)

Your firm understands that insurance is an integral part of a holistic financial plan, but you don’t have the implementation resources for insurance. You can leverage RIA Insurance Solutions as your firm’s personal insurance department to write the insurance solutions your clients need. And since they’re your clients, you’re always involved in the financial decisions. RIA Insurance Solutions will also analyze and provide support for your clients’ existing insurance policies.



Combination of Insurance Support + OID

Your firm is licensed for insurance and annuities, but you would prefer to leverage an experienced insurance professional to write the policies for your clients. The experts at RIA Insurance Solutions are insurance licensed in all states. We can be co-agents with you on the policies. We handle the insurance selection, paperwork, and processing, and you make sure the insurance fits into the client’s financial plan.

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